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Most Expensive Mobile Phones gifted to Ministers and Govt Officials

Most Expensive Mobile Phones Gifted to GoI

Expensive Mobile Phones

The List of Most Expensive Mobile Phones gifted to our Ministers and Government Officials is revealed by the RTIwala. These are particularly senior Bureaucrats, Diplomats, and Advisors during their formal and informal meets. Basically, they get much more things,  from Limited Edition Cartier Wrist Watch (Rs 4.5 lacs) to Brown Horse.

Which are those Expensive Mobile Phones gifted to Ministers and Govt Officials?

According to our research based on data we collected and processed. The mobile phone’s list is not only short but significant as well. These are some of the branded and most Expensive Mobile Phones available in the market. So let’s share the details with you about Costliest Mobile Phones gifted to Ministers and Govt Officials in The year 2016.

 Details of the giftsDate of the
receipt of
gift in
Name and the title
of the recipient
value in (Rs.) by MEA
The current
disposition or
location of
the gifts
1.An Apple iPhone 6S 64GB
Shri Sanjay Verma, JS
Chief of Protocol,
59,500/-Option of the
2.An Apple Ipad Airwith Accessories 14.07.2016Shri M. Subbarayudu,
Joint Secretary
37,000/-Returned to the
(excess amount
of Rs. 32000/-
has been
deposited in
Govt. account.)
3.Samsung galaxy Note
5 (32GB) Moible
31.03.2016Smt. Preeti Saran,
Secretary (East), MEA
4.A Huawei Mate 8
30.09.2016 Dr. Arvind Panagariya,
Vice-Chairman, NITI
30,000/Option of the
5.An OPPO A37
Mobile Phone with
21.10.2016Shri Arvind Panagariya,
Vice- Chairman,
10,000/-Returned to
the recipient
amount of
Rs.5000/- has
been deposited
in Govt.
6.An apple I Phone 6S
Rose Gold (128GB)
with accessories
28.10.2016 Sh. Sanjay Verma,
Joint Secretary,
Chief of Protocol, MEA
60,000/-Option of the
7.An Apple I phone 6S
space gray(64GB)
with Accessories
11.11.2016Sh. Sanjay Verma,
Joint Secretary, Chief of
50,000/Option of the
8.A Mobile Phone
(With Accessories)
16.12.2016 Smt. Nirmala
The Minister of State
(IC) for Commerce and
10,000/-Option of the
9.An OPPO A37
mobile Phone with
23.12.2016 Shri M.J. Akbar,
The Minister of State for
External Affairs
11,000/-Option of the
10.An iPhone 7 plus silver with Accessories27.01.2017*Shri M.J. Akbar,
Minister of State for
External Affairs

*The latest entry is of The year 2017, which too we have included in the table.

Do Ministers and Govt Officials keep those Costliest Mobile Phones gifted to them?

The Anser is No YES! As you can see from the above table only 2 out of 9 Mobile phones were returned back to Toshakhana by Smt. Preeti Saran and Shri M.J. Akbar. Whereas rest either didn’t replied (as they have to in 30 days of receipt) or kept with them.

How can they keep with them?

Just by depositing Rs 5,000 in Govt. Account. It’s that simple…!

What is a Toshakhana?

The Toshakhana is a Government’s treasure house wherein gifts that are received as honor are kept. Indian government’s Toshakhana is the place or building where all dignitaries deposit gifts that they have received from abroad.

So, what else they all receive?

So many, literally speaking so many precious and rare things like paintings, sarees to other artifacts.

So, did you enjoyed our exclusive RTIwala Reveals report on Costliest Mobile Phones gifted to our Ministers and Govt Officials?

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