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InVideo Review: Why InVideo is the best tool for the video creation?

InVideo Review: Why InVideo is the best tool for the video creation? RTIwala Reviews
In India, where the data is much more cheaper than your daily dose of food and medicines. Moreover, the internet consumption pattern is shifting from textual reading and filing/photo sharing to video making and sharing. Therefore, the video tools like InVideo are the new darling of not only millennials but Youtubers but all the netizens too.

What’s this InVideo is all about?

As the website states, “InVideo is the World’s most versatile video creator for Quick & Professional videos.” Indeed, the RTIwala Team too found it after extensive and intensive testing while creating the videos of our upcoming vertical RTIwala TV (beta). It’s a quite effortless and time-saving experience to create short video through InVideo. The quality and picturization is something similar to professionally designed videos by use of heavy video editing tools.
InVideo is SaaS (software as a service) based video creation tool promoted by the Abstrakt Video Private Limited company. Their pricing starts with a free plan which goes to 100 USD (₹ 7000) per month to Enterprise client, which are mostly big media houses or digital marketing agencies.

Comparing InVideo Vs. Rocketium Vs. Lumen 5 Vs. Recast.Studio Vs.

InVideo Review: Why InVideo is the best tool for the video creation? RTIwala Reviews

Apart from InVideo, there’re many tools available on the Internet to instant video creation, and the prominent ones are Lumen 5, Wave.Studio, Rocketium, and The last two and InVideo are India based startups catering to users/companies across the world.
The good thing about InVideo, Recast.Studio and is that they’re offering a feature-rich free plan which has all the essential features, including branding. Whereas the Lumen 5 have only paid plans initial pricing plans, starting with USD 19 and ends with the Enterprise plan USD 500 per month.
What’s more interesting is that the highest plan of, which is a quite old and mature tool is much cheaper than the mid-tier plans of other similar devices.

Did you know?

Through our research, we have also found out that only InVideo and Rocketium has full-fledged product development and customer support team. Plus they’re the only two coming up with frequent updates and improvements. Whereas others have nothing new to offer and their startup’s survival in this highly competitive SaaS segment of Video creating tools is uncertain.
Plus the both Rocketium and InVideo have launched their Lifetime Deals (LTD) on Appsumo whereas Wave.Video and Recast.Studio to have offered the LTD on StackSocial and closed Facebook groups.
The RTIwala’s Verdict
Lumen5 and has somewhat failed in rendering videos in Hindi and other regional languages. The Rocketium has little complex UI and UX. Plus its pricing is also not affordable for the budget of bootstrapped startups and SMBs.
The disappointing thing about Rocketium is that many essential features which other video making tools are offering in mid-tier plans like Instagram Ad videos, upload of motion graphics and 5+ min of video length are kind of standard and available in the non-Enterprise plan as well which are comparatively cheaper. Secondly, only InVideo is offering the premium Shutterstock videoblocks in their higher plans at no extra cost; rest have marketplace kind of model.
Therefore, among all the five prominent video creation tools, Lumen5, InVideo, RecastStudio, WaveVideo, and Rocketium. We highly recommend InVideo, which is offering almost all the features, with intuitive UI & UX at quite an affordable pricing.
InVideo Review: Why InVideo is the best tool for the video creation?

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