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Modi Govt spent lakhs on installing Air Purifiers

RTIwala Reveals Air Purifiers India Parliament Modi spent
In the past four years, Delhi’s Air Quality has worsened much more than any city or capital of this planet. However, it is not a lousy situation for our Parliamentarians, Ministers, and Bureaucrats as India’s Parliament is free from Air Pollution, thanks to NDA Govt and their early purchase of the best Air Purifiers available in the Market.

How India’s Parliament is free from Delhi-NCR’s Air Pollution?

RTIwala Reveals Air Purifiers India Parliament Modi spent

RTIwala Reveals Exclusive

The RTIwala Team has drafted and filed numerous RTI Applications then First Appeals followed by an equal number of Follow-Ups with the CPIOs to get the information about the total number of Air Purifiers installed so far. We wish to know how many Air Purifiers purchased and installed from the tax-payers money, across the Delhi, from Parliament to bungalows of Parliamentarians, Prime Minister, Ministers, and other VVIPs.

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Well, the shortest answer to the question How India’s Parliament is free from the Delhi’s Air Pollution is they installed a total 22 branded and certainly the costliest Air Purifiers in the Parliament campus. As they spent whooping ₹ 6,48,790 in purchasing 22 Purifiers and that too just for the Parliament campus.

Moreover, in our next post will share the details about the Purifiers purchased for the PM, CM and other Ministers including but not limited to senior bureaucrats and defense personnel. So tuned to the RTIwala for more groundbreaking updates.

When they purchased the Air Purifiers for the Parliament Campus?

Well, the Aachhe Din for Parliamentarians came much before Delhi’s Air Pollution started worsening. Yeah! You read it right. They have purchased and installed around 95% of Air Purifiers, i.e., 21 out of 22 in the year 2016 itself. To be more precise, the Air Purifier installed in the Parliament Campus from 2001-2018 is in the Year 2016 when the SC started banning the Diesel Cars in Delhi NCR.

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Which Air Purifiers they purchased for the Parliament and for what price?

Certainly, it’s the costlier ones, isn’t it? After all, they’re not paying from their pockets or the monthly salaries, thanks to heavy taxation and Gabbar Singh Tax Oops! we mean Goods and Services Tax. Unluckily, the CPIO didn’t share the details about the Tender process or purchase order.  But we’re going to tell you the models they’ve purchased and installed in the Parliament compound.

Most of the Purifier models they purchased aren’t available on Amazon or Flipkart as they’re quite a big in size as meant for office and commercial purpose. Therefore, can be seen exclusive either in their respective company’s showrooms or on their website.

RTIwala Reveals Air Purifiers India Parliament Modi spent

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Though the price of the individual model isn’t shared by the CPIO we’ve found that most of 17 out of 22 best models were installed in the Lok Sabha and rest in the Rajya Sabha as shown by LS and RS. In our next report of this series, we’ll share how many and what type of purifiers installed in the offices of LS and RS Speakers and LoO. Also, who passed the order to buy the Air Purifiers for the Parliament.

We wish if the CPIO has provided us the dates as well in a single response. However, no worries, we will publish that too in our upcoming report of #RTIwalaReveals series soon as there is much more with us in terms of groundbreaking content to disrupt the Indian Media Industry which is solely driven by the traditional and century-old News/Wire Agencies.

So, click here to stay tuned for more such exclusive and sensible unlike what our contemporaries have been serving you so far…

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