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Did not received a reply of your RTI from PIO? PIO not providing the information? Avail the RTI Follow-up Add-on 1 (Email/Call) on RTIwala to get the information of your RTI.


Didn’t received the reply or acknowledgment from the PIO? Doubtful of not getting the information from the PIO?
Your doubt may come true and you might end up wasting your time, money and efforts if you have not received the reply from the PIO/CPIO/APIO concerned.

Many Public Information Officers (PIOs) have an opinion the RTI applicant will not do a follow-up or file the First Appeal, so they don’t bother to provide the information until and unless we ask them again. And, if you do not follow-up with the PIO via Call/Emails or Postal Mail, then you will certainly never get the information. Therefore, Team RTIwala has come up with Follow-up Add-on 1 services where the RTIwala will do the sincere follow-up on behalf of you and ask why we have not received the information and when we’ll receive the same?

The Follow-up Add-on 1 process will not increase the possibility of getting the information but also save your time, money and efforts in Filing First Appeal or another RTI Application.  As we’ll follow-up with the PIO by call or email (maybe both)  provided by you. We will call/email them two counts as second follow-up will be after two days.

FAQs about RTI Follow-up Add-on 1

Q. How will you do the follow-up?
A. Either via phone call or email and if needed then both.

Q. And, how many times you will do the follow-up?
A. Twice,  before we’ll make sure to get connected with the PIO and then remind him again after a gap of two days.

Q. That’s great! What’s chances of getting the information or response?
A. Well, it also depends on psyche of the PIO and sensitivity and quantum of information. But chances are higher in comparison to no follow-up.

Q. Why are you charging a Follow Up fee?
A. This is what a skilled CA, highly educated Doctor or learned lawyer does as we’re also investing our time, money and efforts.

Q. Why should I seek your services?
A. Because of the following three reasons:

  1. It’s fast, reliable and very affordable for you.
  2. Through our professional services, the possibility of getting information is highest.
  3. Therefore, it’ll save your time, money and efforts in exercising your Right to Information.

Q. What is RTIwala Services’ refund policy?
A. Excellent question, please visit the Refund Policy link to know more.

I’ve some more queries about the RTI Follow-up Add-on 1?

A. We’re here to help you; please reach us on FacebookTwitter or Whatsapp for any support!

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  1. Sudhir Singh

    Excellent service by RTIwala team. Depply impressed with their service.

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