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About Us

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RTIwala is a citizen-centric Legaltech startup based at Seoni Malwa (India). As per our tagline, we’re empowering the masses through sensible content & affordable results-driven legal solutions. We’ve organically gained 1,00,000+ users comprising not just the bottom of the pyramid but many B2B clients like prominent media houses, big MNCs, Real Estate & Legal Firms, and Bureaucrats, as our paid users in less than two years of Beta launch. We help people in exercising their Right To Information by Drafting and Filing Online RTI applications, First Appeal, Second Appeal, and CIC & Consumer Right Complaints. The RTIwala Team also provides 10 mins Micro consultations on RTI/Legal issues at affordable pricing. People will get data-driven and analytically researched content in the form of Reports, Articles, Listicles, Charticles, News, and Interviews on the website.


Our focus areas are issues of vital Public Interests from Business to Bureaucracy and Foreign Lipsticks to Desi Politics. We also cover the new developments in our surrounding with special emphasis on Transparency and Accountability through fact-checking & in-depth analysis. And, we are also working hard to bring forward the unreported & misreported news by so-called the established media houses, that too in a very legitimate way. To know more About Us, just keep reading.

Our small but very efficient Team of Lawyers, RTI Activists & Journalists is always busy in preparing some groundbreaking news reports, supported by the facts and figures, to unearth the Corruption and Malpractices of Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Industrialists!

What’s more About RTIwala?

Let us introduce you to our most prominent product i.e. the RTIwala Reveals. It is a collection of, some of the most exclusive Exposes made by RTIwala Team so far! This is a segment where we cover Corruption, Crime, and Misgovernance, at length. In future, we’re going to launch the paid subscription as an Online Magazine, which will also include other categories mentioned below:

RTIwala Explains, under this segment, our Team will offer an in-depth analysis in the shortest way possible, of topics and issues which have not been discussed or overlooked by the Contemporary media so far. Whereas Trending is the category where our readers can explore more about the ongoing buzz or viral content of Social Media.

Our Teammates love reading and watching talk-show and Interviews, so does we. Therefore, we have started our own known as Rw Interview. Where we chose a youth icon or an eminent personality for an interesting interaction.  And, you’ll surely fall in love with our interviewees after reading the questions we have asked, very boldly. Well, it comes under our Right to Information, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂

Do you like numbers and stats? Then hang on! We have something for you, visit Rw Data and satisfy your thirst with crunched data.

Product or Services + Experience + Evaluation = Rw Reviews

We’re also going to encourage Indians to file RTI applications, put forward the corrupt practices of Government officials, in a very simplest way. Also providing FREE tailor-made RTI Applications (or Drafts) on our Downloads page. They’re very useful, as they have all the relevant Articles and Sections of the RTI Act 2005, which are necessary to mention in every RTI Application.

Other features of RTIwala!

Well, we have already described much about us! Now let’s talk about our future plans! And one of the forthcoming features is “RTI with RTIwala”. Here you can file RTI to any Central/State Government Department or Urban/Local bodies by paying a fee of Rs 120. And, we’ll take care of the rest of the things. It’ll one of the inexpensive and simplest ways to file an RTI application in India.

At our upcoming RTIwala Forum, you’ll get almost, all the information on the Right to Information Act 2005, recent amendments and updates, and their application in day-to-day life. Not only this, our Team answers your doubts, queries, and questions related to RTI Act and the very nuances of it.

The best thing about RTIwala!

Yeah! The best thing about our RTIwala website is the RTI Box. You can have a free access to hundreds of RTI applications filed and shared. We recommend you to visit this page and search the information you’re seeking. As it will not only save your time & money but of Government too.

Apart from this, there many more things on the line for the future. So start exploring the world of RTIwala! 

Last but never be the least, you can also join us as a Team member. To know more, simply visit our Join Us page and get registered at no extra cost! Before that, why don’t you connect with us on Facebook as RTIwala Official and Twitter @RTIwala or simply say Hello! to us!