IndiGo Manhandles Passenger, Yet Again: When, Why & How?

RTIwala Trending: In a shocking revelation, it was found that IndiGo ground staff manhandled and dragged a passenger at Delhi Airport. The incident happened on October 15 after a squabble between the passenger and staff member. An airline employee acted as a whistleblower. He tried to intercede and shot a video of this violence. He was sacked by the airline for his actions.

This drama unfolded when flight number 6E 487 flew into Delhi from Chennai. After getting off from the Airbus A-320, a passenger Rajiv Katyal got into an argument with some ground staffers over some issue. It is reported that he abused them. It has not been ascertained yet what led to this argument.

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What Had Exactly Happened on the IndiGo flight?

It is known that about two to three IndiGo ground staffers stopped Katyal from boarding the bus which was taking passengers to the terminal. They also manhandled him and dragged him on the landing strip for over a minute. An IndiGo employee, Montu Kalra, who was at the site tried to intercede. He shot a video of his fellow colleagues manhandling the passenger. Instead of acting against the employees who thrashed passenger Katyal, IndiGo sacked Kalra. Kalra’s wife is pregnant and who needs the job desperately for his growing family.

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How Did the Authorities React?

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ANI reported that Minister of Civil Aviation Ashok Gajapathi Raju has summoned all stakeholders in the IndiGo assault issue. Stakeholders include airline staff and victim. Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha spoke to IndiGo founder Rahul Bhatia and sought a detailed report on the issue. He said once the passenger lodges a criminal complaint (FIR) against the IndiGo employees who beat him up, they will lose their security clearance for airport passes. The accused airline staff won’t be able to go for their job anymore. Also, blameworthy IndiGo employees will not be able to work in the aviation industry.

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Sanjay Bhatia, IGI Airport DCP, confirmed receiving a PCR call regarding the tiff between the passenger and IndiGo employees. “Passenger Rajeev Katyal, who had flown in from Chennai, was waiting for coach bus. There was an altercation between IndiGo staffer Jubi Thomas and the passenger due to a misunderstanding. The matter was amicably sorted out and a call was filed.”

What did IndiGo Have To Say?

RTIwala Trending IndiGo chaos
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IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh, said in a statement: “I acknowledge the unpleasant experience our passenger went through while engaging with our staff at Delhi airport. My personal apologies as this do not reflect our culture. I had personally spoken to the passenger and asked for an apology.” He further said that at IndiGo, the dignity of passengers and staff is of utmost importance. Any act that compromises the dignity of either is of serious concern to IndiGo. He made believe in the fact that the incident was investigated and stern action was taken against the staff member.

Ajay Pathak, however, had a different take on the situation. He was upset by the sacking of the man who filmed the whole incident. He believed that the man had brought the incident to light. He was shameful of IndiGo and their act of relieving the poor employee from his job. The airline later added to its official statement that it believed in treating their customers with respect and it is core to what IndiGo does. There is a reason that customers choose IndiGo over any other airline in the country.

“An incident happened in Delhi airport which is entirely the opposite of this and against what we stand for at IndiGo. The video of this incident came to our attention and we took action. Even while the investigation was going on we immediately suspended the involved employees,” the company said in its official statement.

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