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Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum

RTIwala Trending PM Modi at WEF

RTIwala Trending: The World Economic Forum is a Switzerland-based non-profit organization and is recognized across the world as an international body. It aims at collaborating worldwide business, political and academics to shape up the environmental, global, regional agendas of the society. We bring you some of the key highlights of this year 48th WEF session and the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s note on this.

Key objectives of the session:

RTIwala Trending PM Modi at WEF

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On 23rd January 2018, Prime Minister arrived Davos, Switzerland to represent India on the global competitive front. He became the first Indian prime minister to attend the WEF in Davos since Deve Gowda in 1997. Before he began his speech, he said, “looks forward to sharing my vision for India’s future engagement with the international community”. The world-class annual global business meet was attended by 70 head of states of which 38 were from international names like WTO, IMF and the World Bank.

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The theme of the session was ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’. PM Modi started his speech in pure Hindi by invoking the oldest of the Upanishads. He further speaks of the motive to set up the target of$5 trillion by 2025; when job seekers would become the job givers. He emphasized on climatic conditions, international security and terrorism also projecting that sooner India would be becoming the favorite destination for foreign investors.

PM Modi’s views for India to be in 2025:

PM Modi addressed that the three major problems that have covered all the nations have actually ‘fractured’ the world. By ‘fracture’, he meant global situation is under ‘frightening’ state. It actually starts at the individual level like a fracture in human relationships, all arisen from a human mind. He further extended the ‘fracture’ at the national level where there is a lack of understanding among communities. There are disparities and inequalities w.r.t. income and opportunities. Everyone is trying to outdo and overpower the other. He continued that the third level of ‘fracture’ is at the international level where there is a divide between requirements of today and need for future.

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In short, the challenges are multi-faceted and they are all around us. However, the only hope is that we all want to tackle them. We want to see a co-operative, harmonious, sharing and caring world. In fact, this is where the hope lies.

The Global Impact of the World Economic Forum:

RTIwala Trending PM Modi at WEF

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The Forum is best known for its 4 days discussion on various sectors pertaining to globalization including international political leaders, economists, academics, journalists and celebrities as participants. Globalization implies the formation of the universal international economy which falls within the framework of politics, ideology, and culture. Globalization of the world economy lies making the space into one as a whole, where there are no boundaries set. People would travel from with no limitations transporting their goods and ideas and stimulating the development of international organizations.

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We expect that in near future the aim that our honorable PM’s vision of super development shall come to true. Awareness in the field of education, health, and hygiene are supreme priorities. Abolition of child labor, child trafficking and child slavery should be strictly monitored. Differences at the individual level need to be sorted out completely making a healthier lifestyle. All that we are supposed to deliver is our bit of contribution in making mankind more kind.


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