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China’s Warning To The World: What It Means?

RTIwala Trending China's Warning ahainstDalai Lama

RTIwala Trending Dalai Lama: A major uprising raised by the Chinese officials as a warning has come up. China considers the Dalai Lama, who fled into exile in India in 1959 to be a dangerous separatist. After a failed uprising against Chinese rule, Dalai Lama took exile in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. Beijing said it would consider it a “major offense” if any country or foreign leader hosts or meets the Nobel Peace Prize-winning monk. Visits by the Dalai Lama to foreign countries infuriate China. Over this raised warning, fewer and fewer national leaders are willing to meet him, fearing the consequences of Chinese anger. Although there are some officials who have tried to placate Beijing by saying they are meeting him in a personal, and not in an official capacity.

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“Foreign leaders can’t think they can get away with meeting exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama just because they are doing it in a personal capacity, as they still represent their government”, a senior Chinese official said on Saturday. Zhang Yijiong, who heads the Communist Party’s Tibet working group, told that there could be no excuses to meeting the Dalai Lama.

A warning is a warning: China

“Although some people say, the Dalai is a religious figure, our government didn’t put in an appearance, it was just individual officials, this is incorrect,” said Mr. Zhang, vice minister at the United Front Work Department.

“Officials, in their capacity as officials, attending all foreign-related activities represent their governments. So I hope governments around the world speak and act with caution and give full consideration their friendship with China and their respect for China’s sovereignty,” he added.

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Key Takeaways From China’s Warning 

RTIwala Trending China's Warning againstDalai Lama

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China took control of Tibet in 1950 in what it calls a “peaceful liberation”. China has piled pressure on foreign governments to shun the Dalai Lama, using economic means to punish those who allow him in. China has always imposed its authority on Dalai Lama. The warning doesn’t come as a much of the surprise viewing, China’s possessive nature. It may also be fear that has developed in the Chinese brain.

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China strongly denies accusations of any sort of rights abuses in Tibet, saying its rule has brought prosperity to what was a remote and backward region. China commands that it fully respects the religious and cultural rights of the Tibetan people. China also insists that Tibet is an integral part of its territory and has been for centuries. However, the Tibetan people have always considered themselves as distinct. Tibetan people have their own Parliament in the city of Dharamsala. They are still fighting their fight.

This move is also seen as a warning to the Tibetan uprising. China wants to come in controlling position to Tibet. China somewhere feels and realizes that Tibet may get support from New Delhi. This “warning” is seen as a counter-attack to the uprising and the fears that dwell in the Chinese minds.

All that being said, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead.

(Inputs by Gehna Kundra)

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