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Shri A S Pandit IES – The Messiah for UPSC, SSC, GATE & IES Aspirants


Our Interviewee is Shri A S Pandit IES

Let’s have a sensible and exclusive interview with Shri A S Pandit, an IES Officer, to know more about his initiative for students preparing for various exams.

Rw: First of all, please accept our gratitude for giving us the privilege to interview A S Pandit, the constant source of inspiration and information for many IES, GATE & PSU Exam Aspirants 🙂

Thank you and I am happy that through your website I will be able to reach more aspirants and try to guide them in best possible way.

Rw: Hardly there are any students who’re preparing for those competitive exams in India don’t know about Mr. A S Pandit, an IES Officer. But for the future brigade of aspirants, we request you give us a brief introduction of yours and your family, the city of birth and upbringing.

My name is A.S Pandit, I basically belong to Bareilly city of Uttar Pradesh, and my mother was in education sector she worked as a teacher, coordinator then principal in different schools, my father used to run an NGO which organizes science Olympiads in schools.

I was always an average student in school as well in Engineering(was actually below average here :D) I did my schooling from Bareilly only from a private school and score 92% in 12th then I did my BTech in civil engineering from regional government engineering college of U.P where I scored 69%(the below average things is confirmed by this),when I was in final year of my graduation I appeared for exams like UPSC Engineering services, GATE, SSSC, NET, UPHDB, MPPSC, HPPSC, RITES, MUMBAI METRO,IOCL,NTPC and as government usually takes time in giving results so in between that I joined IIT Delhi for M Tech ,fortunately, because of smart hard work and luck I qualified all these exams with good ranks in which I got the first rank in SSC, UPHDB and Mumbai metro exam. After that I joined IOCL then resigned as there was no civil related work, then I joined RITES, resigned that also as in that time I got call from Engineering services but that was also not giving me kick u can say in Salman Bhai style so I resigned that for State public services department, while working there I completed my LLB (law) just for the sake of interest. While going through this journey I constantly use to see students in each and every step struggling for success which motivated me to work for them finally.

Rw: So Sir, What should we call you? An IITian, an IES officer, A Messiah for Students or The Free Online Coach, which role suits Mr. A S Pandit more?

You can call me a free online coach or guide for students

Rw: Sir, when and how you felt that you should work for the poor and less privileged students who can’t afford the Costly coaching for those exams?

In my journey at each and every step I used to see students struggling for getting admission in coaching, colleges but most of those students were not in position to join coaching because of huge fee amount, sometimes this removes those students from the competition, this motivated me to work for them and today when my students message me to inform me about their achievements, this gives me utmost pleasure and satisfaction which I haven’t got in anywhere in any department.

Rw: Please share how and who all approach you for your guidance, how many queries you solve in a day? Do you charge them?

Students generally contact me through my website, my Facebook page (A.S Pandit-IES) or through mails. I generally solve around 200-300 queries in a day and ya I don’t charge anything for this.

Rw: Sir, We’re feeling honored in interviewing one of the most efficient online guru, who has cleared so many toughest exams of India with flying colors. So what’s your Guru Mantra for clearing any exam?

There is only one mantra for success that one should study smartly, if we will study smartly then with little hard work we can attain heights. Smart study refers to the study after proper analysis of exam, its syllabus and its previous year papers. One should know what is not important for exams, so that the study becomes a quality one rather than quantity.

Rw: Nowadays there are so many sources of information and a free flow of material and useful videos on YouTube. So do you think this has made things worse for aspirants? What’s your advice for them in filtering the content?

Ya this creates confusion in the mind of student that what he have to study and what not. Rather than trusting all these things aspirant to analyse the exam pattern themselves and then they will automatically get the idea where the actual path is in which they have to proceed.

Rw: So where Shree A S Pandit see himself in next 5 years? Will you start any coaching or education start-up?

I am already working on this e-education project and will definitely be reaching and guiding more aspirants in coming future.

Rw: Sir, What was your reasons for giving so many exams and resigning from services?

In the starting i wanted to join government sector, I was greedy for success in technical field and in later stages I found success, happiness and satisfaction in helping aspirants reaching their goals, living their dreams.

Rw: Does Govt or Corporate firm tried to help you in providing any sort of assistance? If not, what you’re seeking from them?

No. Actually with me there are number of senior professionals including civil servants doctors, IIM alumina, engineers we together formed a group named The Catalyst Group ( with the same objective of guiding aspirants from different fields.

Rw: Please consolidate your work in a formal setting and we’ll not only help you in that but also nominate your name for awards?

My work is basically guiding aspirants through free online lectures, notes, doubt resolution etc. so that even if they are unable to join coaching classes, institutes, still they can stand confidently with the remaining population.

Rw: Sir, How many students you have coached or helped them in achieving their dreams. We’ve gone through you Fb page read some testimonials too which we’ll put on our website for our readers as proof of your unselfish efforts.

🙂 Didn’t remember the count but I guess around 50-60k.

Rw: Would Mr. A S Pandit ever consider joining or forming any reputed coaching classes?

Can’t say anything on that now but ya in future I will give an easier and broader way to students so that they can connect with me easily.

Rw: According to you what are reforms Indian and State Govts should bring in the Education system?

I want that there should be certain additions like if the student is from BPL sector then irrespective of his/her category he should be given economic support from the government, also I want new services to be added in the system Indian Teaching Services so that student will the get the proper and reformed education.

Rw: It has been nearly 70 years since India got Independence, do you think our reservation/quota system should have been abolished by now? Does it give unfair advantages to some?

It’s a part of the sys teamed we are also a part of that so we have to focus on giving our best in whatever field we are. Hard work always gives result whatever the category is.

Rw: Who’s your source of Inspiration/Role model and why?

I consider my mother as my role model since my childhood I found her working hard and achieving success which motivated me to achieve and live my dreams.

Rw: Lessons Mr. A S Pandit, IES learned in life and wants to share it with our readers and your students?

Respect, Money, and Power all these things have their own importance. Don’t run for any one of these else you will be nowhere. The greatest satisfaction is where u get equal distribution of these with an extra percentage of happiness.👍

Rw: Any suggestions from the Topper of so many Exams for the future brigade of online coaches and aspirants?

Work for the good of others, you will become better as the result of that.

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You people are doing a great job in making easy availability of information to all. I wish more success to you people.

I am always available for my students. Will be available in your AMA sessions as well.

Many, many thanks for giving us the opportunity to have an interview with you. We really don’t have words to show our gratitude and happiness for having our interview with you...!

Thank you Sumeet and best of luck to RTIwala Team!


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