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Why Google Doodle not celebrating #ChildrensDay but the hole punch history!

Why Google Doodle not celebrating #ChildrensDay but the hole punch history!

Under RTIwala Trending segment, RTIwala Team gonna explain Why Google Doodle not celebrating #ChildrensDay but the hole punch history! As we all know that Google used to celebrate the birth and death anniversary of people, places and things (inventions) by dedicating an artistic doodle for them. This time to Google India has celebrated the birth anniversary of Hole Punching Machine’s History! The Google Doodle displays the logo consisting of colorful paper circles, expect the fourth letter ‘g,’ which is replaced with a blue sheet of paper.

What’s Hole punch machine is all about?

This is the tiny single hand-operated machine used for putting a hole in papers and thin cardboard. You may have seen it in schools, offices, and libraries. Serving the purpose to keep and align many papers together. These days, the standard international measurement ISO 838 is the most common in double-hole punchers. And, the single-hole punchers are also regularly used for a variety of jobs, like validating tickets or marking used playing cards before they are binned. The design has also been scaled up to large machines that can punch through hundreds of sheets at once for use in the printing industry.

Who invented the hole punch machine and When?

RTIwala Explains Why Google Doodle not celebrating #ChildrensDay but the hole punch history!
Antique Soennecken hole punch, Wikimedia

The first patent for a hole puncher or Papierlocher für Sammelmappen (paper hole maker for binding) was filed on 14 November 1886 by inventor Friedrich Soennecken. Mr. Soennecken was a German office supplier from the town of Remscheid who founded his own company, F Soennecken Verlag, in 1875.

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His work quickly became renowned for their quality, and his paper and pens were a favorite of German philosopher Freidrich Nietzsche, the man who coined the phrase:

“What does not kill me makes me stronger”.

As well as inventing the hole puncher, Mr. Soennecken created the ring binder to store the freshly punched sheets and a style of calligraphy designed to be neat yet standardized and easy to learn. The hole puncher’s design has not changed much in the 131 years since its invention.

Why Google celebrating the 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher, not the Children’s Day?

As per the Official statement on Google’s Doodle Blog, which is as follow:

Today we celebrate 131 years of the hole puncher, an understated – but essential – artefact of German engineering. As modern workplaces trek further into the digital frontier, this centuries-old tool remains largely, wonderfully, the same.

Doodle by Gerben Steenks.

And another thing which clearly shows is that the widespread use of Punch across the globe show its popularity and significance. Therefore is being celebrated in most of the countries as dedicated Google Doodle, including India.

RTIwala Explains Why Google Doodle not celebrating #ChildrensDay but the hole punch history!
Source: Google Blog

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