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File RTI Online Application in

Bihar in minutes!

Quick, Easy, and Affordable RTI Filing with 93% Success Rate

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How It Works?

Filing an RTI application delivers desired information and records, also promotes transparency, fights corruption, empowers citizens, improves service delivery, and enhances public participation and accountability.

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Fill the Form

Provide basic+case details about your RTI application.

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Review and Pay

Review your application details and make the payment.

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Receive Your RTI

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Why choose RTIwala for your info/record needs in Bihar ?

Fast Processing

Get filled your application in under 2 Hours.

Affordable Pricing

Get the best service at 1/10th of the market cost.

Best Success Rate

Delivering 93% success rate with our expert team.

Full Suite of Services

From Anonymous RTI to Appeals & Follow-ups, we do all

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Now file RTI Apps/Appeals across all major Districts and Towns of Bihar!

Filing an Online RTI application will help you or anyone in getting any significant information, records or certificate at your doorstep.

File RTI Online in Patna

File RTI online in PU, NIT Patna, PMC or anywhere in Patna

File RTI Online in Gaya

File RTI online in MGU, GCE, GMC or anywhere in Gaya

File RTI Online in Bhagalpur

File RTI online in TMBU, BCE, BMC or anywhere in Bhagalpur

File RTI Online in Muzaffarpur

File RTI online in BRC, SKMU, MMC or anywhere in Muzaffarpur

File RTI Online in Purnia

File RTI online in BNC, PWC, PMC or anywhere in Purnia

File RTI Online in Darbhanga

File RTI online in LNMU, DMC, DMC or anywhere in Darbhanga

File RTI Online in Bihar Sharif

File RTI online in MU, BSIT, BSMC or anywhere in Bihar Sharif

File RTI Online in Arrah

File RTI online in VKS, CAE, AMC or anywhere in Arrah

File RTI Online in Begusarai

File RTI online in NB University, TS College, BMC or anywhere in Begusarai

File RTI Online in Katihar

File RTI online in KSDSU, KMCH, KMC or anywhere in Katihar

File RTI Online in Munger

File RTI online in MUC, RDM College, MMC or anywhere in Munger

File RTI Online in Chapra

File RTI online in JP University, JD Women's College, CMC or anywhere in Chapra

What RTIwala Users Say

one of the best services in the Market, RTIwala TV

facebook reviews

Adil Saleh

Patna, Bihar

They are fast, efficient and affordable. Simply, unmatched services.

facebook reviews

Shiv OM

Chapra, Bihar

They're the experts of their domain and I'd like to recommend everyone their affordable and time bound service.

facebook reviews

Alby M

Begusarai, Bihar

RTIwala is awesome and they are the experts of their domain and I'd like to recommend everyone their affordable and time bound service.

facebook reviews

Shiju Chintu

Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Affordable and easy especially when you don't know what to do and how to do with unmatched services.

facebook reviews

Hiren Kar

Siwan, Bihar

Common RTI Use Cases in Bihar

Birth, Death and other Govt Certificates

Receive any such government document or records conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Property and Land Records

Get information about property ownership, land records, and encumbrance certificates.

Government Schemes and Programs

Check eligibility, selection criteria and application status of government schemes and programs.

Public Works and Infrastructure

Get details of road, bridge and any such infrastructure projects, and completion status.

Education and Employment

Access any information about educational institutions, recruitment processes, and job vacancies.

Police and Judiciary

Get information about police investigations, FIR copy panchnama, and court judgement.

Answer Copy, Marksheet, Degree related

Now access your answer copy, marksheet, or degree from any school, college or university.

Passport & Visa

Get access to current status of your Passport or Visa and know the reason for delay or cancelation.

Salary, Pention, IT Retun & PF status

Get easy access to your or your spouce's salary, pention, IT and PF records.

MP MLA fund

Now know how much your local MP/MLA has allocated and utilized the MP/MLA fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTIwala and how does it work?

RTIwala is an innovative platform designed to simplify the process of filing Right to Information (RTI) applications. Our advanced system drafts RTI applications meticulously, ensuring a high success rate of 93%. Users simply need to provide relevant details, and our platform generates a comprehensive RTI application, which can then be submitted to the appropriate authorities by us.

How much does it cost to file an RTI application through RTIwala?

RTIwala offers a cost-effective solution for filing RTI applications, operating at 1/10th of the market cost. Our pricing is transparent and affordable, making it accessible for everyone who needs to seek information from government bodies. All our products, plans and pricing are available at rtiwala.com/pricing.

How secure is my personal information with RTIwala?

At RTIwala, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. Our platform employs robust security measures to ensure that all personal and sensitive information is protected. We adhere to strict data protection policies and use advanced encryption technologies to safeguard your data.
To further safeguard your identity, we have an Anonymous RTI Online (ARO) offering in which we don't even collect your name and address.

What if I need help or have questions while using RTIwala?

Our customer support team is available from 10am-5pm from Mon-Friday to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach out to us through Web Chat, email, phone or Whatsapp at 7999-50-6996. Additionally, our help center at help.rtiwala.com provides detailed guides and resources to help you understand the RTI process and make the most of our services and solutions.