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Empowering the masses...

through sensible content & result-driven legal solutions!

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10 mins Micro Consultation: ₹199.00
10 mins Micro Consultation: ₹299.00
10 mins Micro Consultation: ₹259.00
Free 5-min Micro Consultation: ₹0.00
Online RTI Filing (Drafting+Despatch): ₹599.00
Online RTI Filing (Drafting+Despatch): ₹999.00
Online RTI Filing (Drafting+Despatch): ₹899.00
Anonymous RTI Filing: ₹699.00
Anonymous RTI Filing: ₹1,099.00
Anonymous RTI Filing: ₹999.00
Online First Appeal Filing: ₹799.00
Online First Appeal Filing: ₹1,199.00
Online First Appeal Filing: ₹1,099.00
Complaint Drafting: ₹999.00
Other Doc Drafting: ₹1,111.00
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RTIwala Team can help you in getting...


We helped many elderly in getting social security benefits

MP/MLA Funds

Know how much fund is allocated and utilized by your local MP or MLA

Land/Property Records

Getting land or property records is quite easy by filing RTI app with us

Passport Delay

We can help you in knowing the delay and getting new or renewal of your passport

Marksheet/Answer copy

We helped many students in accessing their or Topper's marksheet & even answer copies

Development Work

You can get details of all the delayed or on-going public work of your locality/city

Our RTI Services

Some Marquee Clients & Partners

Entrackr logo on a white rti background.
The RTI Reuters logo on a white background.
Viralstat logo on a white background.
The invido logo on a white rti background.
Bain & Company logo.
Paytm payments bank logo, compliant with RTI regulations.
Avoia rti logo on a white background.

Media Mentions & Publications

Inc 42, the authority on the Indian startup ecosystem and RTI.
The rti logo on a red background.
The Hitavada
The logo of a newspaper in Hindi focusing on RTI.
A logo with the word "Hindi RTI" on it.
Aditya Prasad's RTI logo in Hindi.
The logo of a newspaper in Hindi dedicated to RTI insights.
The logo for the RTI Hindi magazine.
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Awards and Accolades

The RTI award of excellence for Sam University, Bhopal.
The winner of the 2020 dream startup challenge by RTI, CLL, and Young Indians.
Dcb bank innovation carnival winner rti.
1st runner up governance by the gov of Gujarat, recognized for RTI implementation.
Top 3 social ventures - rti, tiss 19 Mumbai.
A badge with the words rti innovation mission 2020.
A badge with the words "RTI featured" on top inc 2020.
Featured in Silicon Valley, USA, the Indus Entrepreneurs 2020 RTI.
Selected in the Top 25 Startups by TiE Lucknow & MyPlace CoWork 2020
Selected in the Top 10 Startups by B-NeST, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh 2021

What is RTIwala all about?

RTIwala is a citizen-centric Legaltech startup, empowering the masses through sensible content & affordable legal solutions. We’re helping people in filing RTI application, Anonymous RTI, First and Second Appeal as well as drafting other Legal Documents, Agreements, and Complaints. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to File RTI app?​

Yes! 100% safe. It’s your Right to Information, and you should exercise it. Even we’ve Anonymous RTI Services for you to keep your personal details unknown.

What's the pricing?

Our pricing is very affordable and around 1/10th of the Professional fee charged by the local lawyer. They don’t give you upfront pricing or assurance as to when your work will be done.

What all can I get through the RTI app?

Tbh, almost everything. From the property details of your family members to the development work done by the local MP/MLA. Even the income of your spouse and the time need to repair the potholes in the road near to your home/office.

Do you provide support?

Of course! We provide priority support via Chat/Email/Telephone/Call for Pre and Post Sales queries. Even if you’ve filled RTI but didn’t receive a satisfactory response, we can help in Filing First/Second Appeal.

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