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Anonymous RTI Online

Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹699.00.

File Anonymous RTI online through RTIwala Services. The RTIwala  Legal Team will mitigate the risk of death threats or assaults by filing RTI app on your behalf.

Now file Anonymous RTI Online without any apprehension. We, the RTIwala Team is providing our esteemed users an online facility to file RTI applications Anonymously. As per news reports* more than 100 RTI Activists are either killed, threatened or assaulted each year, just for exercising their Right to Information.

So we come up with a solution to mitigate the adverse situation by filling the RTI application on your behalf. Our in-house Team of experienced lawyers led by Chief Legal Officer (LLM from London and High Court Practitioner) carefully and meticulously draft every single RTI application to increase the chances of getting information.

FAQs about Anonymous RTI Online

Q. Will RTIwala Team ask my personal information?
A. No, not at all. All we need is either your Whatsapp number or Email ID for communication with you. You can type “BLANK” in all those fields.

Q. How Anonymous Online RTI service works?
A. We literally don’t wish to know your name, address or reason for filing the Anonymous RTI Online. We hope the issue is not sub-judice.

Q. What all it includes?
A. It consists process of Drafting, Filing, and Dispatch via Speed/Registered India Post.

Q. How I will get the information?
A. We share information (after receiving from the PIO) with you via Email/Whatsapp as preferred by you.

Q. Is it safe and effective to file Anonymous Online RTI via RTIwala Services?
A. 100%! We don’t know the real name and address of our clients who opted for Anonymous Online RTI services.  And, we draft your RTI meticulously so there are high chances of getting the information.

Q. Why are you charging the fee for drafting?
A. This is what a skilled CA, highly educated Doctor or learned lawyer does. As we’re also investing our time, money, efforts and resources in getting you the information (justice).

Q. Why should I seek your services?
A. Because of the following three reasons:
1. It’s fast, reliable and very affordable for you.
2. Through our professional services, the possibility of getting information is highest.
3. Therefore, it’ll save your time, money and efforts in exercising your Right to Information.

Q. What is RTIwala Services’ refund policy?
A. Excellent question, please visit the Refund Policy link to know more.

Awesome, though I’ve some more queries about Anonymous RTI Online?

We’re here to help you; please reach us on FacebookTwitter or Whatsapp for any support!