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20 mins RTI/Legal Micro Consultation

Original price was: ₹450.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

Sometimes it’s better to consult an RTI Expert/Lawyer before investing time, money and efforts in filing an RTI application or pursuing a legal course of action. Finding the best attorney, fixing an appointment and meeting them in person is not only a tedious but also an expensive task these days. Therefore, we have come up with an affordable 20 Mins Micro Consultation Services for Indian and NRI clients.

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A single appointment with a local Advocate will cost ₹2000-6000, 3-5 hours of time and wastage of the whole day, isn’t it?

When RTI/Legal Consultations are getting costlier. When it’s too tough to get an early appointment with professional legal experts. We, the RTIwala Team has come up with the affordable, time-bound and client-friendly  20 mins Micro RTI/Legal Consultation Services for our esteemed clients.

FAQs about 20 mins RTI/Legal Micro Consultation

Q. How much you’re charging for 20 mins RTI/Legal Micro Consultation?
A. Honestly, it’s less than the price of a coffee you pay in any premium café, i.e., ₹333 plus transaction charges for the first 20 mins.

Q. Really! Will you provide the micro consultation by the experienced professionals?
A. Of course YES! Based on your query will connect you with one of our Experienced Teammate comprising Lawyers and RTI Experts.

Q. And, How it works?
A. You can opt for either Chat or Call with our subject matter experts.

Q. That’s great! So can I pick time or schedule as per my availability?
A. Well, that’s the USP of RTIwala Services. You can schedule it from the calendar link after making the payment!

Q. What if my query didn’t resolve or I wish to continue the conversation for a more extended period?
A. Well, in that case, we suggest you make a payment in advance and book two or more slots.

Q. Why should I seek your services?
A. Because of the following three reasons:
1. It’s fast, reliable and very affordable for you.
2. Through our professional services, the possibility of getting information is highest.
3. Therefore, it’ll save your time, money and efforts in exercising your Right to Information or solving the Legal complexities.

Q. Does it involves RTI or Legal Case Filing and Drafting as well.
A. Sorry, it doesn’t as we have a different set of services for that need. Please visit RTIwala Services.

Awesome though I’ve some more queries 20 mins RTI/Legal Micro Consultation.

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