Download Free RTI Form or RTI Template [PDF]

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Download Free RTI Forms or ready to use RTI template (PDF) drafted by the RTIwala Team. It’s a correct format and has some essential RTI sections in it.


Are you in need of free RTI form or ready to use RTI Template? Then your search ends here!
Now download the RTI form for free. Yeah! You read it correctly. It’s free to download the meticulously drafted and correct RTI application format as ready to use RTI form (or template) in Hindi. This tailor-made draft is some important and must have sections of Right to Information Act, 2005.

Quite soon you can also download the RTI form in Hindi. 🙂 🙂

FAQs about Free RTI Form

Q. Is there’s a shortcut?
A. Yeah, please visit our RTIwala Services page. And, we do have Anonymous RTI Services as well.

Q. What I’ve to do after downloading it?
A. All you have to do is just type or write the details about the information you are seeking.

Q. Do I need to add some money or fee with it?
A. Yeah! If you do not have a BPL Certificate/Card.

Q. How much fee and in what form?
A. We know it’s time and effort consuming to go Post Office or Bank, but RTI applicant has to add ₹10/20 Indian Postal Order/ Demand Draft / Bankers’ Cheque based on RTI Rules of the respective state(you need to find that as well).

Q. Then shall I post it via Courier?
A. We recommend you to either send via Speed Post or Registered Post (India Post, GoI) else hand over them in-person rather than the private courier.

Q. OMG! Please share a shortcut!!
A. How about we file RTI offline for you? Please visit RTIwala Services page to know more.

I’ve some more queries about the Free RTI Forms?

A. We’re here to help you; please reach us on FacebookTwitter or Whatsapp for any support!

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