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RTI Follow-up Add-on 2 (Postal Mail)

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹555.00.

RTI Follow-up Add-on 2 (Postal Mail) by RTIwala, made it easy and simple for the Follow-up with the PIO by paying the extra fee or documents as requested.

What if PIO wants more information or extra fee to share information through your RTI application? As per Section 7 (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 the PIO may ask for an additional fee, and maybe sometimes they seek more information/document after receiving the directions of First Appellate Authority to provide you the information.

Many Public Information Officers (PIOs) have an opinion the RTI applicant will not do a follow-up or file the First Appeal, so they don’t bother to provide the information until and unless we ask them again. And, if you do not follow-up with the PIO via Call/Emails or Postal Mail, then you will certainly never get the information. Therefore, Team RTIwala has come up with Follow-up Add-on 1 services where the RTIwala will do the sincere follow-up on behalf of you and ask why we have not received the information and when we’ll receive the same?

The Follow-up Add-on 2 process will not increase the possibility of getting the information but also save your time, money and efforts in Filing First Appeal or another RTI Application. As we’ll follow-up with the PIO by call or email (maybe both)  provided by you. We will call/email them two counts as a second follow-up will be after two days.

FAQs about RTI Follow-up Add-on 2

Q. How will you do the follow-up?
A. Either via Speed/Registered Post Services of India Post.

Q. What all the  RTI Follow-up Add-on 2 includes?
A. Excellent question. It includes drafting fee, logistic and printing cost along with government fee.

Q. And, how you will transfer the extra money?
A. We will send the extra and quoted money either through Money Order/IPO.

Q. Will you provide the tracking details?
A. Of course! We’ll provide the tracking details via Email/Whatsapp.

Q. That’s great! What’re the chances of getting the information or response?
A. Well, it also depends on the psyche of the PIO and sensitivity and quantum of information. But chances are higher in comparison to no follow-up.

Q. Why are you charging a Follow-Up fee?
A. It is what a skilled CA, highly educated Doctor or learned lawyer does as we’re also investing our time, money, and efforts.

Q. Why should I seek your services?
A. Because of the following three reasons:

  1. It’s fast, reliable, and very affordable for you.
  2. Through our professional services, the possibility of getting information is highest.
  3. Therefore, it’ll save your time, money, and efforts in exercising your Right to Information.

Q. What is RTIwala Services’ refund policy?
A. Excellent question, please visit the Refund Policy link to know more.

I’ve some more queries about the RTI Follow-up Add-on 2?

A. We’re here to help you; please reach us on FacebookTwitter or Whatsapp for any support!

4 reviews for RTI Follow-up Add-on 2 (Postal Mail)

  1. shivraj.shep (verified owner)

    Excellent ,Great Follow Up Draft letter prepared by RTI wala team with minimum affordable cost .I suggest to all use RTIwala services for preparing RTI applications .It is very useful services for RTI applicants.

  2. jaijaibharat bharat

    really best… all service of rtiwala .best supporting staff .it is very useful for all common men to fight against curruption and crime.i give it five stare.

  3. garg0505 (verified owner)

    Most effective organization in the field to explode the public authorities who don’t interested to part with information with the information seekers. The follow up with public authorities is very effective. I really feel very courageous by discussion and follow up by rtiwala team.
    Thanks sir.

  4. shivraj.shep (verified owner)

    RTIwala services is excellent ,Good.

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