Facebook Celebrates Friends Day with New Superlatives

RTIwala Trending: The world’s no. 1 social networking site Facebook turned 14 on 4th of February and also celebrates its fourth “Friends Day” with some new initiatives and features. This year, the ‘Friends Award’, among other features have stolen the show already.

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Why ‘Friends Day’ on Facebook?

We all have heard of ‘Friendship Day’ celebrated across the globe every year different countries celebrate it as per their calendar. Like in India we celebrate it on the 1st Sunday of August, but this idea of ‘Friends Day by Facebook’ makes it global for all as the same day for everyone. This is the way to show your bestie, buddy or a weirdo that how much you care for them.

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A Friends Day on a social site is a special way to show your valuable friendship for the ones for whom you don’t make time for that how much they mean to us. After the concept of ‘Friendversary’, which tells you about the friendship anniversary between you and your friend on the social site, this feature has a lot more to do.

Here’s how you to explore the Facebook ‘Friends Day’ 

RTIwala Trending Facebook Friends Day
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On ‘Friends Day’ special, Facebook will show its users a message on the top of their News Feed with a personalized video wishing them a Happy Friends Day. Once the video is over, users will be shown Friends Awards from the video as well. Users will have the option of customizing the ‘Friends Awards’ by selecting their friends and awarding them from the list of template awards.

The ‘Friends Award’ will be based on the kind of activities a user has shared with a particular friend. It will include the feature like best liker, for the one with you have the most number of mutual friends or the one who always wishes you happy birthday or it could be the one whose posts you have liked the most. These awards are titled as ‘Bestie’, ‘Great Listener’, and ‘Knows How To Make Me Laugh’.

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Some other award categories titles are ‘Makes Anytime A Good Time’s, ‘Always Has My Back’, ‘Big Hearted’. Also, you can add a photo of your choice for the friend you’re giving the award to. If the feature doesn’t appear on your News Feed, you can participate in the Friends’ Day experience.

Does the future of social media is going to make a boom?

RTIwala Trending Facebook Friends Day
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The giant social site has introduced three new camera filters to celebrate Friends Day; the camera icon is on the top left corner of the news feed on mobile and desktop. It has also incorporated its live video feature. With all such new improvisation techniques all where whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc., one thing is sure that we have stepped into a new era already.

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These social networking sites have changed one’s world from the fast-moving busy schedule or boredom to something so meaningful every day. Using it responsibly will surely result in more positive vibes in the near future. We all are blessed to grow up in an age where something like Facebook exists and helps us stay closer to each other amidst busy schedules.




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