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Rashtra Manch by Yashwant Singh: The motive and agenda

RTIwala Trending: Rashtra Manch, launched by former Union minister Yashwant Sinha and co-joined by BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha. Yashwant Sinha has always been in the limelight because of his statements against his own party; the one who has been taking a stern stand against the party policies and decisions.

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Why BJP’s Yashwant Sinha initiated Rashtra Manch?

Yashwant Sinha, after months of separation from his party BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party), has launched a new political platform as ‘Rashtra Manch’ in New Delhi. This political platform is led by BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha also joined by a number of politicians. The idea behind this is to make the Central Government more focused onto farmers-needs as they have led down the farmer status near to beggars.

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He made a very clear impact through his tweet to the youth to join the association and be a part of it to make a voice against the issues failing the system. He did not reveal about the number of leaders joining the forum but emphasized youngsters to participate as it is a medium to express one’s capacity to express their opinion. He believes that this platform is set as a non-party political action group whose work would include highlighting the national issues.

Yashwant Sinha on Central Government inactivity on major issues

RTIwala Explains Rashtra Manch
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There were following names who attended making the launch of the event Trinamool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi, Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Majeed Memon, Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh, former Gujarat chief minister Suresh Mehta and Janata Dal(United) leader Pavan Varma. Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) leader Jayant Chaudhary and former union ministers Som Pal and Harmohan Dhawan were also present. “Everybody in the BJP is living in fear. We are not”, he said.

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Yashwant Sinha targeted the wrong the decisions made by the BJP party that affected many major issues on the social front. He said that the agenda behind this forum is a keen focus on farmers of the country. He further expressed though demonetization bought consistency on the economic front the thrashing decision of GST ruined many SME’s (Middle Small Enterprises). Issues like unemployment and malnutrition are still the fear for youth and children of the nation. Even the security at the national level has yet not achieved a safer path to progress.

What are the changes needed?

The Former Union Minister firmly states in the conference that this event was there in the discussion for over a few months and everyone was in contact. He believed that the current system is being failed due to wrong decisions were made and it’s time for a movement to act upon national issues with a conceptual mind. He also noted a point on the budget system that it gets renewed every year with pros and cons as usual but as a result, it has always failed in its delivery.

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As a civilized citizen of the country, one should have the opportunity to speak their mind on national and social awareness with such platforms. But it should not be taken on a political front. To bring about a change in the system, a change is required within oneself first.

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