Karti Chidambaram: What Brings Him Under The Radar?

What is the ED’s take on Karti Chidambaram?

RTIwala Explains Ex-Finance Minister’s son, Karti Chidambaram accused by The Enforcement Directorate. The ED has attached assets of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram. According to the ED, Karti Chidambaram was trying to sell most of his assets and close certain bank accounts. In major trouble for former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram, the ED has attached his bank accounts and assets in connection with the Aircel Maxis case. Top sources in the ED said fixed deposits and savings in bank accounts have been attached. On September 22, the CBI had claimed in the Supreme Court that a lookout notice was issued against Karti Chidambaram to prevent him from traveling abroad as he was closing several of his foreign bank accounts.

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The CBI had summoned Karti for questioning on Thursday but he didn’t appear before the agency said a special court has discharged all accused in the case and also ‘terminated’ proceedings in the matter. The agency has challenged the discharge order in the high court. I request our readers to kindly pivot yourselves on the part where there is a mention of a special court. The question is which special court is being used as a cover, and if this special court has discharged all accused in the case, is the law venal.

How is Karti Chidambaram Accused; P. Chidambaram Connected with Aircel-Maxis?  

The Enforcement Directorate has accused Karti Chidambaram of having received monetary compensation in lieu of favors granted by his father in the Aircel and Maxis deal during his tenure as Finance Minister.

“We issued a notice and asked him how many bank accounts he has. He said only one. But what we found is that there are several accounts that he closed when he went abroad,” Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Tushar Mehta told a three-judge bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra.

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The Aircel-Maxis case pertains to alleged irregularities in the approval given to Malaysia-based Maxis to invest in Indian telecom company Aircel by the then finance minister P Chidambaram. Karti recently sold a house in Gurgaon, which the ED was planning to attach. This house was given on rent to a company that was granted FIPB approval by P Chidambaram.

Where exactly did Karti Chidambaram, P. Chidambaram go wrong?

One of the most educated Finance Ministers in the history of India is P. Chidambaram. A person of his stature, his mettle under the telescope, why so? Why do well-educated Diplomats and Bureaucrats choose to drill a hole and drain the system? The statement below will make it pretty clear to you. As per protocol, any foreign investment proposal over Rs 600 crore has to be cleared by the cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA), but in this case, Chidambaram approved it himself although the amount was around Rs 3200 crore.

P. Chidambaram, former Finance Minister
(Image Source: Reuters)

We are the citizens of this “Independent” Nation, what are we onto. The statement above elucidates the reason why these educated diplomats settle for becoming the Rat of the system. It all narrows down to one simple reason “Money”. Is the thirst of money a justifiable reason for the breach of our system? We invite our readers to be the jury and decide whether this is what is expected of our educated citizens and if it is then who are we to blame the uneducated and the poor for the seldom agitations.

(Inputs by Rijul Mittal)

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