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Shah Rukh Khan: 10 Unknown Facts About the SRK

RTIwala Trending Shah Rukh Khan
RTIwala Trending: For those who have been living under the rock, it’s the birthday of the King of Romance a.k.a. SRK. He doesn’t need any introduction, the world knows it all. His wit, his charm and the sweetheart he plays both on and off-screen. SRK is not just another Bollywood actor but also a successful businessman, film producer, and a highly qualified gentleman who sure knows his chivalry right. In a career as successful as his, there comes a time when the success of a movie doesn’t necessarily make or break you.
Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly dwelling in that phase there since years now. Don’t believe us, go take a look at Mannat, his sea-view residence in the western suburbs of Mumbai, on his birthday every year. Adding up to it is the humility of the start to plan his out-of-town birthday bash well ahead so as to not miss spending time with his fans, media, and his much-loved staff. As they say, what you give is what you receive. Perfect, isn’t it?
As the King of Romance turned 52 this year, here are a few things you sure would love to know about the megastar.
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1. Shah Rukh is obsessed with the number 555

Call him superstitious if you want to, but all of SRK’s cars have the number 555. So the next time you spot a number plate with 555, you know who it might be. Moreover, many of his staff have the number 555 in their mobile phones. Yes, that’s how obsessed he is with the number.

2. Not just an actor, he is Dr. Shah Rukh Khan 

RTIwala Trending Shah Rukh Khan

(Image Source: IBTimes)

SRK has received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In recognition for his acts of philanthropy, altruism, and humanitarianism and his global reach as an actor, he was conferred as Dr. Shah Rukh Khan. The 52-year old actor received the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University Chancellor, HRH, The Princess Royal in Edinburgh.

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3. Shah Rukh Khan has been declared a Knight. Isn’t that huge?

Shah Rukh Khan has been given the status equivalent to that of Knighthood by Malaysia. He is the first Indian actor to be honored with the prestigious title of a ‘Knight’, presented to him by the then Governor of the southern Malacca state of the country. Since then, he’s been referred to as Datuk Shah Rukh Khan in Malaysia.
4. SRK never read the script of the most celebrated movie of his career. Can you believe that?
SRK signed his most iconic film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge without even looking at the script. He did that out of his immense love and faith in filmmaker Aditya Chopra. Undoubtedly, he never gave him any reason to regret in return. After all, their camaraderie has been longstanding till date.

5. He hates ice-cream

As weird as it might sound to many of us, SRK refrains from eating ice-cream. He doesn’t like dessert at all. Let alone King Khan himself, we can only wonder if such people actually exist.
6. The wedding ring
SRK and his beloved wife, Gauri’s relationship has always remained the talk of the town for all the good reasons. That’s the reason we aren’t really surprised with this one. Today, even after 25-years of their marriage, King Khan is still seen sporting his wedding ring 24*7 on his right hand. Yeah, time to call out your hubby on this, would you?
RTIwala Trending Shah Rukh Khan

(Image Source: Midday)

7. Such a score with the awards!
SRK has received as many as 226 ­nominations across popular Bollywood awards and has won 207 of them. Who else could have believed this score, eh! He had also won the best actor award 29 times. Isn’t it surprising that people still question his potential as an actor?
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8. Time spent in the Southern part of India
Well, Shah Rukh’s love for the national capital has never been veiled. Meanwhile, what most of us do not know is that the actor had spent quite a few years of his childhood in Bangalore. This was because his Grandpa was working as a Chief Engineer over there.
9. King Khan: Bribed?
While still in school, the witty actor was very poor in Hindi. In order to make him put in his best in the subject, his mother used to promise to take him for a movie if he passed his Hindi exams. Teenager SRK loved ­watching movies and began scoring the highest marks in Hindi thereafter. Yes, now go tell your parents!
10. SRK: The Sales Guy?
Today’s King Khan, for some weird reasons, chose to sell tickets of his movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa on the opening day of his 1994 film.  Directed by Kundan Shah in 1994, Shah Rukh was seen selling tickets of the movie at the booking window. However, the actor charged only Rs 25,000 for the film.
Now that we’ve told you so many facts about the King of Romance, do tell us what you think about the actor.

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