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Health is Wealth that’s the basic principle of the human body that what we all have learned and experienced throughout ages. Today on 10th of October, the day is recognised as the ‘World Mental Health Day’ by the only The World Health Organisation. All we need to have a little patience to fight this traumatic mental fight. From Prince Harry to Lady Gaga, all have experienced something similar in their life in young ages and a long battle they fought in dealing up with it.

The aim of the World Mental Health Day

The objective is to spread awareness about mental health, and that ambition leads to the fact that mental health is directly proportional to the overall health of a person. The theme for this is – “Young people and mental health in a changing world”.  We have so many celebs across the world who have faced the situation of going under depression and felt lonely.

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Zain Malik had talked about his panic attacks, British youtube star Zoella has opened up about the anxiety she had at 14. Prince Harry, supermodel Gisele Bundchen has revealed her suicidal thoughts. Actress Glenn Close suffered at the age of 61 actor Stefen Fry at 37 was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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The stigma even includes Bollywood stars famous singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, Padmavat actress Deepika Padukone, Manisha Koirala, Anushka Sharma, and the list goes on. All have the same belief that we need to be open about it, talk it and not to be ashamed of it at all.

How GoI acted on Mental Health issues?

India is no more behind in the race of anxiety disorder and mental health issues. The government believes that mental health is an integral part of the overall health endeavour. Mental health is a strong linkage of body, mind, and soul.

India is one of the main sponsors of the World Health Assembly (WHA)resolution, and the National Mental Health Policy agrees with WHA Resolution.

Under this policy, the fundamental values and principles included are:

I] Equity – There shall be non-discrimination and equal opportunities for education and employment, housing and social welfare for the members of those families who had the mental illness.

Ii] Justice – There shall be no discrimination amongst community; the needs of vulnerable and excluded members of the society shall have particular attention.

Iii] Integrated Care – Persons suffering from chronic conditions should have the provision for long-term and even if required lifelong the arrangement of the services shall be there for them.

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