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RTIwala Explains Why is Google Celebrating the Studio for Electronic Music?

Why is Google Celebrating the Studio for Electronic Music?

As we all know that Google used to celebrate the birth and death anniversary of people, places and things. Today the company is marking the 66th anniversary of a piece of musical history i.e. the Studio for Electronic Music.

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The Studio for Electronic Music, the first modern music studio, became a haven for innovative musicians and producers around the world. It was here that electronically synthesized sounds were mixed to create an entirely new genre of music that so many have come to love.

Top 5 Unknown Facts about Studio for Electronic Music

RTIwala Explains Why is Google Celebrating the Studio for Electronic Music?
Karlheinz Stockhausen in the Studio for Electronic Music in 1991 (Image: Wikipedia)

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  1. The Studio for Electronic Music was established at the West German Broadcasting facility in Cologne, Germany.
  2. The concept for a studio to create electronic music was birthed by composers Werner Meyer-Eppler, Robert Beyer, and Herbert Eimert, who for years had brainstormed the technical requirements of the challenge.
  3. Artists in the studio created breakthrough beats, editing and mixing sounds using new types of equipment and technical composition.
  4. Composers and producers came from far and wide as the studio became a breeding ground for musical innovation.
  5. Until the year 2000, the original studio continued to push the boundaries of electronic music and develop new sounds and ideas.

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