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How is Jet Airways linked with the Hawala operators?

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RTIwala Trending: Recently, the Delhi police arrested a female staff of the Jet Airways as she was found with 3.25- crores of undeclared foreign currencies while on her flight. But how many are aware of the real protagonist behind the unprecedented act of duping the law of the land?

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How is Jet Airways related with the Hawala operators?

The Jet Airways hostess was caught smuggling INR 3.25 crores in foreign currencies, wrapped in an aluminum foil while on-boarding flight Delhi-Hong Kong flight. The crew member was a part of a racket through which cash was being handed over to the gang members in Hong Kong who would then smuggle in gold. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) have arrested air hostess Deveshi Kulshreshtra with her agent Amit Malhotra, a Delhi resident, both are found to be a part of the international hawala syndicate.

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The DRI investigators have found out that Amit was in connection with big businessmen and used to convert their black money into white. Amit and Deveshi were in contact since last year and had performed this illegal act many a times. The DRI had its radar over the crew members and some businessmen for interrogation soon. However, this is not the first time. In the past few years, many high-profile people were caught for such smuggling like Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya or Misa Bharti and Shailesh Kumar, daughter and son-in-law of Lalu Yadav in the case of Palam Farms etc.

Has Demonetization really aided in curbing money laundering?

RTIwala Trending Jet Airways-Hawala Links

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Prior to demonetization, there has been records saying that the ED had invested 3700 cases of money laundering and hawala transactions. The head of this demon, black money, comes from corruption and illegal wealth acquired through banking frauds and fake properties of the esteemed names.

When demonetization started its objective was to make India corruption free, curb black money, control price rise, stop funds flowing illegally and make citizens aware of their income tax returns. Although it has got better with time, it has caused huge inconvenience to people. It has deeply affected mid-level businesses.

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In a country where we speak multiple languages, only one agenda is required to understand the basic concept of the need for the nation. We all need to stand as one and raise voice against it, rather than having political debates-cum-disputes. Even though there are sufferings and agony among the masses at the moment, the forecast is that its benefits will be seen in the long run.

All we can hope for now is to have a country free of black money and money laundering cases!




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