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Who is Hirotugu Akaike and Why Google Doodle for him?

Who is Hirotugu Akaike and Why Google Doodle for him?

RTIwala Explains everything you’d know about Hirotugu Akaike and the reason for Google’s Doodle for him! As we all know that Google used to celebrate the birth and death anniversary of people, places and things. And, today’s Doodle portrays Dr. Akaike against a Google-inspired approximation of functions, parameters, and their respective curves.

So who is Hirotugu Akaike?

Dr. Hirotugu Akaike, Japan’s prominent statistician who was born on November 5, 1927, in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture and died on August 8, 2009, of pneumonia in Ibaraki Prefecture. He has worked on information theory for more than four decades of his life.

Why Google Doodle for him?

Major Contributions of Hirotugu Akaike?

Who is Hirotugu Akaike and Why Google Doodle for Hirotugu Akaike?
Source: Google Doodle

After more than two decades of research, in the early 1970s, he formulated a criterion for model selection—the Akaike Information Criterion, which is now widely used. With AIC, analysts select a model from a set of options by measuring how close the results are to the (hypothetical) truth. And he was also awarded Kyoto Prize for it in 2006.

For many Mathematicians and Statisticians,  it was considered as a very new paradigm of statistical modeling. It was set apart and was completely different from traditional statistical theory. The Akaike paradigm greatly influenced a broad area of research in statistics.

Dr. Hirotugu Akaike also led the world of the Time Series Analysis in the 1960s by researching and developing the spectral analysis technique, multivariate time series model, statistical control methods and TIMSAC, software for time series analysis.

For Dr. Hirotugu Akaike, the experience was core to creativity. To get ‘a direct feel of random vibrations,’ for example, he bought a scooter and rode it around Mount Fuji. This first-hand experience helped him differentiate between the vibrations of riding on normal and heavily-trucked roads as mentioned on the Google Doodle page.

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